Dentist Careers at Pacific Smiles Dental

Pacific Smiles Dental is owned and operated by Pacific Smiles Group, Australia’s leading network of branded dental clinics. Pacific Smiles Group operates Dental Clinics under the Pacific Smiles Dental and nib Dental Care Clinic brands.

Most dentists at dental clinics operated by Pacific Smiles Group are not employees, but independent practitioners. The dentists engage Pacific Smiles Group to provide them with the services and facilities necessary, to optimise the clinical and financial outcomes of their own practice and help build successful dentist careers.

Building Dentist Careers at Pacific Smiles Group

Dental services, like most highly professional activities, are becoming far more complex and expensive to deliver. Compliance with the plethora of legal and regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly difficult. Dentists in solo practice or in partnerships are often faced with an overwhelming volume of management and compliance tasks to which they must attend over and above the time that they wish to devote to clinical practice.

Under the terms of the Service and Facility Agreement, Dentists conduct their own business from a dental clinic operated by Pacific Smiles Group where they are provided with the range of services, facilities and marketing required to provide dental services to patients and develop their own optimal practice.

Pacific Smiles Group offers Dental Practitioners, (General, Specialists and Prosthetists) the following:

  • Clinical autonomy
  • Excellent earning potential
  • Consistent patient flow
  • Modern, well-equipped surgeries
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Efficient clinical support staff
  • Strategically located Dental Clinics with high exposure
  • Opportunity to focus on clinical treatment, not practice management

Dentists who choose to base their practice with Pacific Smiles Group, enjoy practicing, without the hassle of managing and operating the dental clinic itself. The professional and personal benefits that accrue from such an arrangement are enormous.

Pacific Smiles Group Dental Clinics are located throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria, with most Clinics located within 1-3 hours of a major city. Our Dental Clinics enjoy high patient demand ensuring that dedicated, patient focused practitioners have satisfying and fulfilling professional dentist careers.

Join over 300 dentists who enjoy the great benefits of working with Pacific Smiles Group.

Build successful dentist careers with Pacific Smiles Group!