Special Offer - Teeth Whitening $250

The clinics listed below are offering a teeth whitening package that includes a consultation with your dentist, a take home professional teeth whitening kit and two custom-fitted mouth trays.

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* Terms & Conditions


  • Offer comprises customised take home teeth whitening kit.
  • Offer covers individual whitening/fluoride tray (926 x 2), impression/instruction-home whitening (119) and the minikit deemed appropriate for the patient in the clinical opinion of the Practitioner, being PolaNight Mini Kit 10% (x663) and/or, PolaNight Mini Kit 16% (x665) and/or PolaNight Mini Kit 18% (x667) and/or PolaDay Mini Kit 3% (x669) and/or PolaDay Mini Kit 6% (x671) and/or Zoom Day White Kit 9.5% (x673) and/or Zoom Day White Kit 6% (x677) and/or White Dental Beauty 6% (x700) and/or White Dental Beauty 10% (x702) and/or White Dental Beauty 16% (x701) 
  • Patients may require a full exam, x-rays and clean prior to the commencement of teeth whitening. This is not included in the $250 cost and will be at the patients expense.
  • Services will only be provided where clinically necessary and appropriate for eligible patients.